Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Ranger is our little black lab pup! We got him in December, and he has grown into a loving, gentel, very energetic, dog. He makes us laugh, and we love him a little more each day.
6 wks old 

NO rules with Dad

Growing so fast

LOVVEESS the water

Ranger is now about 9mths old. He is somewhat adjusting to our move, however he HATES the back yard. This makes me sad becasue he was such a good inside/outside dog at the other house. Now, he digs out under the house, and/or barks and cries until we let him in. I guess the poor guy just knows it's not HIS back yard :( So now, he stays in with me ALLLL day, and when I leave I have to kennel him. He seems to like it though...it keeps him out of the heat. He is getting neutered in a couple weeks, so hopefully that will help with the digging and running away!

So thats our pup. Sweet ole' Ranger

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