Thursday, July 5, 2012

Galveston trip

So last weekend Spencer and I decided to go on a quick trip to Galveston, as 1) I had NEVER been, and 2) it is only about 45 min away..without traffic ;) Needless to say, we had a great time. We laid on the beach, ate fabulous food, walked the strand, and just basically enjoyed each others company :)

This is the wonderful hotel we stayed at: Hotel Galvez. So nice, great spa, and wonderful pool. We will definitely stay here again.

Friday we ate at a restaurant called Olymipa. It is a wonderful steak and seafood place, with a bit of Greek flare. Sooo, it is only fitting that they have a resident belly dancer to entertain you while you eat!! AWKWARD...kind of

And this is the only picture we took of ourselves while we were there.

So, now I know what Galveston is all about. DEFINITELY not the nicest beach, but super close, and still a beach to enjoy :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Move to Houston

I am thinking around Feb, Spencer was contacted regarding a job opportunity in Houston. Initially, we said NO, as we were just getting settled in our Dallas house, he loved his job there, and Dallas is where family, friends, and our foundation were.  As time went by, the opportunity is still there, and the Houston company is still contacting him. So, needless to say, Spence went to see what it was all about. In a nutshell, the opportunity was too good for us to pass up. So come end of April, beginning of May, we put our house on the market, with plans to move to Houston in June (Spencer would start end of May, and I would move when the house sold). By the grace of God, our house went under contract in 8 days ;) A true blessing. But with that, we HAD to be out of the house May 30th. (which was a very unconvienant time for me...but so be it)

Finding a house to live in was not the easiest. Good houses in HOUSTON proper (inside the loop as they say here) go SUPER fast. And with us still being in Dallas, not knowing the city, it was somewhat hard to know good, bad, etc etc. But Again, by the grace of God, one of Spencer's college friends mentioned her cousin was renting his house in this area called the Heights. We contacted him immediatly, and got the house...sight unseen. (We knew it was in a desirable area, and we did see a few pics of the outside and living). So, before we knew it..we were moving out stuff to this tiny bungalow house in Houston Heights

Current Smith residence

So the move....didnt work out quite as we thought. We used the POD company to trasport our stuff from Dallas to Houston. Well unbeknowst to us, they couldn't deliver the POD at our house b/c the driveway is too narrow. HAHA. Thankfully, Spencer's stepdad and friend Shea helped us unload the POD into a uhaul, and move it to our house!

We are so very thankful they would do that fo us considering Spencer was working full time already. But due to space limitation....this is what I was left with :) A little overwhelming to say the least.

As of now, we are pretty much setteled in. I am so over the decorating aspect of it, that I just threw things on the walls to get it out of the way. Its starting to bother me, so sooner than later, I will start move stuff. I just have in the back of my head, that we will be moving out of this house before we know it.

 This is what you walk into when you open the door :)
 This is from the front door...strait back to the kitchen/back door

This is to the left when you walk in. Our room and a gues room/bathroom

So thats our sweet Houston Heights house. Spencer loves it, and I like it. If you know anything about Houston, you know that it is very patchy. Well, loosely said...we live in a very patchy neighborhood. So, If you need new tires...I have at least five shops a couple doors down :)

In all reality...we are definitely enjoying Houston! Thanks to all our Houston friends who have made us so very welcome!

Spencer and Shannon


Ranger is our little black lab pup! We got him in December, and he has grown into a loving, gentel, very energetic, dog. He makes us laugh, and we love him a little more each day.
6 wks old 

NO rules with Dad

Growing so fast

LOVVEESS the water

Ranger is now about 9mths old. He is somewhat adjusting to our move, however he HATES the back yard. This makes me sad becasue he was such a good inside/outside dog at the other house. Now, he digs out under the house, and/or barks and cries until we let him in. I guess the poor guy just knows it's not HIS back yard :( So now, he stays in with me ALLLL day, and when I leave I have to kennel him. He seems to like it keeps him out of the heat. He is getting neutered in a couple weeks, so hopefully that will help with the digging and running away!

So thats our pup. Sweet ole' Ranger

Back to Blogging

Thanks to my sweet friend Erin, I am now comfortable enough with my layout, to write a new post. I have been gone for so long, I could not remember for the life of me HOW ON EARTH to make my header center with the rest of the bolg. After playing with it for a bit, talking with Erin, and basically hitting every tab availble....Im back in business :)

 With that said, I have way way to much to catch up on, from my over 6 month hiatius.

For the time being....the BIG news is....we have Moved to Houston. YEs, that is right...we are now Houstonians :) I'll save that for its own posting!

Stay tuned...Im going to try to post a couple things today!

Shannon and Spencer