Sunday, October 2, 2011

House update

Well, I have finally decided to post a couple house pics, even though it kills me.  I am a complete perfectionist, and I want everything complete and perfect ASAP. Unfortunately, that is not possible when you are planning a wedding and updating a 4 bedroom house at the same time. We are still in the process of completing EVERYTHING...but we are surely getting there!

My before pics of the house were on my old phone, and is dead. But, imagine brown everywhere. Brown walls, brown cabinets, brown molding. We have put in new floors in the kitchen and den, painted the den (thats another story), kitchen, and bedroom, torn out cabinets in the den and bathroom, And are currently in the process of painting the master bathroom and the laundry room! We also painted the outside of the house, along with taking out some yucky vine landscaping.

Kind of slanted, but this is the best I could get! Painted shutters and door. I am waiting a couple of weeks before we plant fall flowers in the flower bed. We will also even out the shrubs, but we have to wait until spring.

This is our den. The back wall where the buffet is had a huge wet bar cabinet before. We took that out, along with a built-in bookshelf. (Please excuse the pictures hanging...slapped them up to get something on the wall)

Breakfast area. The walls are grayish-green color (not the lime green they look like) There were doors on the shelving unit. I took them off to display things....still in progress. Just ordered chandelier for over table.

Opposite from table. All the cabinets were ugly brown.

Thanks for looking! I will post more VERY soon :) 

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  1. Looks great! I know how tough it is to want everything to come together perfectly so quickly. You're doing an awesome job! So exciting and fun :) Did you get your floors from CC Carpet in September?!?