Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Before and After

SO I found some before pics of the house. Thought I would share a couple.


After (sorry for the nigh time pic) We painted Shutters and door, took down dark screens, ripped out the vine/lattice. We will be adding landscaping in the spring :)


After: We painted the cabinets, floors, light fixtures

Opposite side of kitchen Before

After: I took the doors off and painted. Changed the light. Still need a window treatment


After: Painted (which is a long story, but this is not the color I want :( and  we changed floors, and ripped out the wet bar (cabinet looking thing) and shelf


After: Took out brown window treatment. Im still working on the mantle, and need a large side table between sofa and chair. I would also like to change the side chairs to something with pattern and color. But, Im Still looking for the perfect pieces! 

This is the wet bar I mentioned previously that we took out.

So that it is for now. I change things daily, and we complete new projects weekly. This is not exactly how I want it, but it is coming along. I am almost finished with our bedroom/bathroom, but we took out a counter in the bathroom, and are about to paint :) When that is complete, I will post more... as for now.... it is very "disorganized"

Also, I am working on Spencer's office,the guest room, and painting the laundry room this weekend!!! Yay.

There is soo soo soo much I want to do, and so many great visions/ideas that I have, however I am learning to be much more patient with the status quo and penny pinch my "stash"so I can save for the big items I want. I feel like I look at every home decor website three times a day, visit homegoods weekly, and constantly have a new project for Spence :) With that said, we love our sweet little house...and it is slowly but surely feeling quite like home!! 

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